Challenge Your Mind…

As well as your body to expand and grow your WHOLE self.  It is a known fact that to grow muscle you must challenge yourself beyond what you are capable of and in return your body will reward you with greater size and strength.

Your brain, though technically not a muscle follows the same principles of muscle, you have to use it so not to lose it.  We challenge ourselves to learn and take that knowledge to think and to rationalize our thoughts and perception of the world around us.  We do this through many avenues.  We read books, watch videos or take classes and listen to lectures.  We debate our friends or even our opponents to learn and expand ourselves.


But we are so more than critical thing beings, we also are a being capable of creativity.  We make things.  We can produce beautiful works of art, melodic songs, and enchanting sonnets.

This is an area that I have not spent much time developing and with my goal to constantly improve myself, my WHOLE self, I stepped outside my comfort zone and challenged myself creatively.  I took an art class at a local art studio and I found that I enjoyed it very much.  The process intrigued me and I found myself getting into the moment and allowed my mind to open up and flow.  I will definitely do it again.


I present to my critics:


So in summary, to grow challenge your WHOLE self, both mind and body.  We separate our strengths and work them constantly and show them to the world with pride.  Its time to step outside your comfort zone and expose your weaknesses, reshape them into a strength.   As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link”.  Work on every part and improve, the WHOLE will become unstoppable.


Become MAJESTIC and SOAR!!!!!!!!!