Mike R.

Fitness boxing with Jason has been a great stress reliever from my hectic schedule. … [Read more...]

George C.

I have been working out with Jason for the past 7 years. My goals have always been to stay healthy and keep my strength up. Jason has kept me on the straight and narrow despite my tendency to want to wander, haha!  Thanks Jason. … [Read more...]

Jessica Shahady/Will Huffman

Just wanted to say thank you for helping make our wedding day the special day we dreamed it would be. With your guidance, we not only had the energy to make it though the hectic day but looked great doing it! … [Read more...]

Emily Pohn

Wow. 3 weeks in and I am already feeling and looking like a new person.  I am stronger and more toned than I have been in years and I have already gone down a size in my pants!  I have learned a new way to eat and it actually means that I am eating more food and eating more often than I was before.  It keeps my energy levels up throughout the day and I am sleeping great.  I spoke with 9 different … [Read more...]