Challenge Your Mind…

As well as your body to expand and grow your WHOLE self.  It is a known fact that to grow muscle you must challenge yourself beyond what you are capable of and in return your body will reward you with greater size and strength. Your brain, though technically not a muscle follows the same principles of muscle, you have to use it so not to lose it.  We challenge ourselves to learn and take … [Read more...]

Let Me Introduce You to Fat….

For the past fifty years, fat in particularly saturated fat, has been given a bad rap as being the number one cause for heart disease and obesity in the U.S..  Because of this, we have been told by many so called experts that we should be eating a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet to protect ourselves from weight gain and heart disease.  In that same time, both heart disease and obesity have … [Read more...]

But I don’t want to get Bulky?

I can tell you that I hear this line every time I sit down with a woman during an initial consultation and it is my number one pet peeve.   The mere mention that you need to lift weights ( heavy weights) to change your shape sends a majority of woman into a tizzy.  There is nothing wrong with having more muscle on your frame. Actually there are a multitude of benefits from a health stand point, … [Read more...]

It is 2012……Now What?

It's that time of year again when millions of people makes resolutions to better themselves in one way or another.  Be it to lose weight, stop smoking or be a better person to their family and friends.  And once again many will fall short of reaching their goals.  But Why?  Is it mental or emotional weakness?  Is not have a belief that they can succeed? For a small percentage of people it is … [Read more...]

Wishing You A Happy New Year!

I would like to wish my family, friends, clients and fans a healthy and prosperous new year.  May you find your vision and SOAR to new heights!!  Become MAJESTIC!!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey........ With respect and gratitude,   … [Read more...]

Take Action and Leave Your Mark

 Dr. Jack Kruse shared a great facebook update and I wanted to share it with you: Today, become the shaft of lightning or the glowing candle that illuminates your world. Be fast, furious, bold, and strong. Arrive quickly and depart just as fast, leaving behind a brighter mind or soul or heart in all you touch. Your gifts lie not in what change brings to you, but rather in casting light on what … [Read more...]

Get your BUTT off of that Bosu…

We have have all seen that guy or girl at the gym standing on a BOSU ball (blue half ball) doing squats or worse yet biceps curls, but have you ever asked yourself WHY?  The standard gym dogma says "its working my core" or "it's great way to gain core strength" by working on an unstable surface, but the problem is the science just doesn't add up. When performing an exercise on an unstable … [Read more...]

New Set of Kicks!

Thumbs up for the Nike Free Run+ shoe. I have really bad feet (flat as pancakes) and have tried all different kinds of supports and stability shoes. I decided this weekend to give the Frees a try. Love them! They are basically rubber and mesh and allow the foot to move naturally. I went for a run and had no pain, wear them all day and my feet do not fatigue. I highly recommend them … [Read more...]

So what is your plan?

Saw this pic in an email I got (thanks J. Carter) and thought it was hilarious..... … [Read more...]

What do you fear?

Are you afraid you'll fail? The fear of failure is a powerful thing. No one likes to fail, and repeat failure is even worse. So what can you do to conquer it? Realize that failure isn't the worst outcome. Not trying is. You only fail when you decide to give up. Get up and try again! Are you afraid you'll succeed? You may not realize it, but most people fear success. Success means change and … [Read more...]